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Freeing FrameYard

Shenzhen, China

Project address

Shenzhen, China

Project overview

Thailand and Bangkok-based architecture practice HAS Design and Research, founded by the versatile architects Jenchieh Hung and Kulthida Songkittipakdee, has embarked on a journey to revive a beautiful legend long cherished in Hakka villages. Their architectural creation, inspired by the banyan tree, the spiritual symbol of the Hakka people, stands as a testament to their ingenuity and respect for tradition. This project is located in Shenzhen Dawanshiju Hakka Village, a traditional square Hakka enclosed house with over 200 years of history and culture.


The project, known as Freeing FrameYard, features nearly 5,000 tubes that create a soft and fuzzy space boundary, effectively softening the harshness of the surrounding concrete buildings. This design provides visitors with a serene meditation space, allowing them to communicate with the sky. As night falls, light strips hidden within the structure's beams draw gentle curves across the space, mimicking the starry night sky and offering a place of hope and tranquility to the Hakka villages.


The architectural design of this remarkable project is credited to Hung And Songkittipakdee / HAS Design and Research, with photography credit to Yu Bai.

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