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Hyatt Regency Global Harbor

Shanghai · China

Project address

Hyatt Regency Global Harbor Shanghai,China

Project overview

Globe Harbor Hyatt captures the magnificent scenery of the city skyline, capturing thousands of flavors of Shanghai's night life.

Outside the window, you can see the beautiful scenery of the Suzhou River. The stars of Altair and Vega shine in the cool night sky.

Inside the window, all kinds of classical cultural symbols and rich texture decorative materials are decorated with delicate lights, bringing guests a fresh Shanghai style.

The main tone of the interior design of the guest room is elegant and low-key silver-gray, which reflects the black and white photographs of the daily street scenery of Shanghai and adds Shanghai flavor and modern charm to the guest room. The soft light of VF Lighting Ruyi series, such as the gurgling water in the Suzhou River, runs through every room of Hyatt Universal Harbour. Rich power and light distribution options, a small Ruyi can meet the different needs of space.

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