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Crowne Plaza

Shanghai · China

Project address

Crowne Plaza Shang hai·China

Project overview

Crowne Holiday Inn Shanghai Jiagong Pujiang opened on September 15, 2017. The lighting design of its public space combines the style and characteristics of interior design, and flexibly applies two indirect lighting methods, vertical lighting and ceiling linear lighting, to create a comfortable public space for hotels. The screen in the lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pujiang, Shanghai Jianggong, softens the heavy metal texture in a large area and becomes the visual focus and design highlight of the whole lobby space. The seating area of the lobby bar is only equipped with desktop functional barrel lamps, and the ambient lighting is realized by surrounding screens and decorative lights. From the perspective of indoor lighting, the designer sets the color temperature of the lighting in the facade screen to be variable, and sets the scene to change according to different time periods. The ceiling lighting in the lobby is designed according to the split design of the ceiling shape. The linear tube lamp not only has decorative effect, but also meets the needs of functional lighting. It echoes with the surrounding screens and reflects the sense of ritual in the lobby.